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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Double Yolker

Double Yolker
Double Yolk Egg

We had a bit of a fry up yesterday afternoon and made bacon and egg muffins. I had a feeling one of the large eggs we received last week may be a double yolker, and this proves it. All that egg came from within one shell.

I love double yolkers! I once got a dozen eggs from my mum's hens and all but two were double yolkers.

So how does this happen? Usually you will see this in young hens as their egg cycle is not well synchronised, though sometimes heredity plays a part too. Ovulation has occurred too rapidly and one yolk joins the next yolk and is surrounded by the same egg sack and shell. They’re a "mistake" of the chickens reproductive system.

I think they're a pretty cool mistake! Who’s had double yolkers from their hens?

Reference: Poultry Help


Jennifer said...

I think they are so cool too! We've had alot of double yolkers since our girls started laying, actually we almost get a huge egg everyday :)

Metanoia said...

Do you think it may be one of your hens laying them Jennifer, or that several are having egg "accidents"? :D