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Saturday, August 8, 2009

First Egg!

First Egg!
The First Egg!

That's right! I found our first egg this morning. It was tucked right into the corner of a nest box so it may have been laid yesterday and I didn't notice. I shall have to ensure to look right inside every morning now!

It is a beautiful light brown egg with white speckles and quite a reasonable size for a first egg. I am not sure who laid it but my guess is the purple one. I think the red one will be next! Time to find some egg recipes!

We've had our girls for 8 weeks exactly. What a lovely way to celebrate 2 months of chickens!


Ainead said...

The first egg!!!! What an egg-cellent surprise for the 2 month mark!!!!

Oh God! I'm turning into my mother (queen-of-stupid puns).

Metanoia said...

I'm pleased to say we've had an egg every day since too! I don't know if it is just one or several laying. They are such funny birds :)