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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bandage Off

No more bandage

My little girl went to the vet again last Friday. She really doesn't like visiting him but they said she was a very good girl and didn't peck the nurse. I could hear her squawking from the waiting room, the poor darling.

Once we were home I let her have a play outside for an hour and she had a dust bath, but the arm must have been tender. She would get down in the dirt, then flinch and walk around for a bit more.

By Sunday she was feeling much more like a chicken, but she is so well trained it is more like having a little bird shaped dog following me around. We open her crate and say "come outside" and she runs at your heels to the back door. Then "into your crate" and in she jumps back to her little home. After having her outside with the others for the first time on Sunday and leaving them alone for 10 minutes I heard a squawk at the door and it is Elsie telling me she desperately needs to come inside to do her egg.

Yes I can pretty much speak chicken now. She says different things when she's bored, if her cage needs a clean, if she's hungry and if it is egg time or time for sleeping.

So far the reintroduction is slow. Green (Gladys) has decided she doesn't want a bar of her and drives her away. Elsie is happy to leave them alone and is usually by herself when we go to check on her. If there is no improvement by the weekend we'll be removing Green while she talks to the others.

Elsie's wing is drooped but we hope that will get better as she increases her muscle use.