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Monday, June 1, 2009



What type of chickens do you have?
They are ISA Browns, which is a hybrid of Rhode Island Reds and Rhode Island White chickens.

Do you need a rooster to get eggs?
No, they are not necessary. A hen will produce just as many eggs without a rooster. There is no difference to taste, with the only difference being that they will be unfertilized so you can't get baby chickens. If you have a small flock or live in an urban environment, consider leaving a rooster out of your plans.

What is Squatting?
Squatting is when a hen will act submissive by lowering herself to the ground with her wings spread. They do it to act submissive and accept a roosters attentions. Ours started doing it just before laying, but have continued. See also: Readiness to Lay

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