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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hazel's Egg Song


Today Hazel sang "the egg song", but of course I wasn't home to hear it. Mark rang me at about 4pm to let me know he'd come outside because he'd heard her carrying on and saw her appearing from the side of the house. So he spent some time this afternoon searching for an egg and wondering if she was only teasing him.

When I got home we had another hunt around because we only had 4 eggs today instead of the usual 5. If she did lay an egg she has hidden it really well.

Have a look at Hazel's beautiful red comb. They are becoming beautiful grown-up hens and look nothing like the sleek birds I started off with. Even Elsie is starting to catch up. By our estimations she is approximately a month younger than the other 5 and we expect her to start laying soon.


Jennifer said...

Shes pretty...

Anonymous said...

They are lovely- do you know what type they are? I have put orders in for mine. Currently the sussex crosses are 6-7 weeks old and the others from another source haven't even hatched. I'll have some waiting to be done and as it is my first time I'll not get them too young. Would rather pay a bit extra to get them a little bit older.

Metanoia said...

Katherine - Mine are ISA Browns, very quiet and mild mannered birds for the most part. Getting them as pullets is definately easier as you don't have to worry about keeping them warm when they are little.