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Friday, August 21, 2009

No Rooster Necessary

20th Egg Celebration photo
Egg Selection

Today we have celebrated our 20th egg. Most of them are brown, however we have also received three very, very speckled eggs. Their rate of lay is increasing with us receiving three eggs today. Soon I shall have to start baking with egg-heavy recipes or find some people who would like fresh eggs for a small cost which can help pay for the hen food.

Interestingly over the past couple of months I have been asked on three seperate occassions how it is possible to get eggs without a rooster. Much like with human and other animal biology, hens will still produce an egg even if there is no means to fertilise it. They taste exactly the same, the only difference is that they are not viable to be incubated for baby chicks.

And so for anyone who is interested in chickens for the production of eggs rather than breeding, consider leaving a rooster off your shopping list. If you're in an urban jungle like us, your neighbours will thank you for it!


Jennifer said...

Congratulations on your 20th egg and 19 other eggs, lol. I ♥ going to the coop and finding an egg or two :) cant wait to go out there and find about 5 or more, we have 30 pullets/hens. Yesterday I use all our fresh eggs, been saving them for 2 weeks (well I did use 4 already)but I ate 2 for breakfast and use the rest to make 2 quiches for dinner... We got our 1st double yolker yesterday too!

Metanoia said...

Thanks!! I can't wait to get a double yolker! We've eaten 9 of our eggs already, but that still leaves a lot to use since we're getting more every day. I think I will make some quiches this weekend! Yum!