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Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Hens are Chicken!

Hen under the Clothes Line
Sylvia under the Clothes Line

My darling hens do not fear a plane flying overhead. They will even stand up to magpies invading their yard and Elsie chases them out. However try to hang some clothes and they run away screaming their little heads off.

The first time they reacted I was hanging out some towels and I thought it was actually fair enough that Elsie started screeching and they all ran away as they'd never been outside when the clothes line was used before. The ideal hiding place is apparently behind the shed where they can't see you, but still Mark had to go and collect Elsie who continued screaming until she was picked up.

Then last night after they had been out for several hours and had been playing around under the line I took off a pair of pants to straighted them. Six hens went running as fast as they could to the safety of the back of the shed!

So it is official... I have chicken chickens!


Bethany said...

Oh, that is brilliant. Only you two would end up with wussy chickens!

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with woosy chookies. Mine will be looking at the clothes line from their pen. When they finally arrive that is. Its only metres away. I might have the same problem. But then they are not just egg layers they are the feathered part of the family. LOL! I've been busy spoiling next doord chooks while they are away. I don't think they usually get much more than layer pellets as a rule so they are fattening up nicely now.