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Monday, August 9, 2010

Egg Accident

Soft Shelled Egg

We had our first "accident" today. I found this egg in the coop instead of the nest box. I'm not sure if it was laid there or if it was kicked out of the box by someone. It looks odd in the photo because it has a soft shell. It is squishy because the yolk and white are covered only by a membrane.

Oh well, these things happen. Noone will own up to who had the accident. These kinds of eggs are normal and only an issue if you are getting them all the time. My girls have plenty of shell grit, all sorts of food (spoilt!) and have been free ranging a lot lately.


Lorilee said...

I have never found one still intact. I only find them already busted! I don't get them very often either. One of my "new" girls just laid her first little egg! I found it in the corner of the run and not in the laying box. Oh, well, she should learn.

karen said...

Ive had a soft shelled egg in the past also, arent they funny! Yes my chickies are very sweet, in a way im opposite to you and wish id got them as pullets, my garden seems so strange with no chooks running around! But there getting more feathers every day so it wont be too long. Their starting to follow me around which is fun