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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Inside Chook

The Patient
The Patient

Harriet was isolated yesterday so we could keep an eye on her. After a couple of hours she seemed to feel better and was trying to walk around so we put her back with the girls in a shady corner of their pen where she could still be isolated but close to the others.

After researching just about everything that could be wrong with chicken legs over the last couple of days I had a terrible thought that perhaps she may be egg bound and was ready to take her to the vet. Isolation was initially to see if she would lay an egg which would cancel that out. From what I've read and from what others have said I don't think that is the case though. She is bright enough and is eating (and pooping). She doesn't have a swollen abdomen or any mess around her vent.

This morning I don't think she'd moved, but when I offered food she was interested yet the others got over enthusiastic through the divider fence. I brought her inside where she ate and drank under the airconditioner and noticed that her middle toe on her left food is swollen.

She is now camped out in the corner of my sewing room happily sitting in a box with straw. She has also had a foot spa (soak in warm salty water) and aloe applied to her sore foot.

I hope that is the issue and we can get her back on two feet again soon!


Jennifer said...

Hummm... hope you find out whats wrong with her soon...

Ainead said...

Oh poor Harriet!

I hope she gets better soon. Is there any sign of a bite or cut that could be infected?

Give her a cuddle and pat from me.

Metanoia said...

Her toe is just swollen... I can't find any specific reason. Perhaps a break, but if it is just a splinter or infection the rest and pampering should help.

She is having foot soaks in salt water and I'm coating it daily with aloe vera. I also took her to visit the girls this morning for 20 minutes. Hazel and Doris sat cuddled up with her for a little while. This afternoon she was a lot brighter after all of this so I am hopeful that by the time the heat wave is over she will be right enough to go back outside (probably tuesday)