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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Cutest photo ever!
Gladys having a Cuddle

Happy New Year everyone!!

It was over 40 degrees yesterday, but it is much cooler today so the girls are busy enjoying themselves in the nice weather... except for Harriet who seems to have done something to her foot/feet and is limping around though I can't see anything wrong from the outside. She is spending a lot of time sleeping under the tree and won't move so I guess I will be checking on her every hour today to make sure she has enough water and she may get a special meal seperate from everyone else today.

Hazel surprised me when I was patting Gladys. She came up to me clucking and had a lovely pat while standing super still and lapping up the attention. Usually everyone except Gladys will want to walk away after a couple of strokes. She got a lovely cuddle and even closed her eyes while in my arms. They're all very cuddly chickens today.


Lorilee said...

I hope Harriet's foot/feet are OK! My girls don't care for petting! They do love it when I come out with treats though. Yesterday all 8 laid an egg! I couldn't believe it when I opened the laying box!

Ainead said...

Poor Harriet. I hope her foot is improved soon.

Do chickens feel soft to pat? Do they (seem to) enjoy it?

Metanoia said...

She was a little better today. Another special feed and I popped her in a nest box to sleep to take the pressure off her legs.

They're really soft. Gladys pecks at your clothes if you cuddle a different girl first. She loves her cuddles as you can see from the picture. They're handled so much that they come running and trip you up as you walk. Purple (Sylvia) is probably the least tame, but she will still have a short cuddle.