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Friday, December 4, 2009


A DUCK! And a magpie
A Duck! ... and a Magpie

This little guy usually heads for our neighbours yard where another duck who only has one wing has been adopted and lives happily. Today this guy ended up in our yard and really wanted to make friends with me and the chickens. He tried to come up to see what food I had, but Gladys wouldn't have more competition and shooed him away.

Before long he'd been bailed up by three magpies and herded into the chicken coop! The magpies are not scared of much around here and I counted at least 8 which is only a small percentage of the local flock. I helped the poor duck get rid of the magpies and he headed out again and found the bird bath. He had a bit of a paddle until Gladys decided that wasn't allowed either and three hens chased him out of that too. He finally gave up on our yard and headed next door where he can play in relative peace and quiet.

A quick update on the tiny egg from last post. It DID have a yolk!


Jennifer said...

Cool... I've never seen a magpie in person.

Metanoia said...

Magpies are very smart birds, like ravens or crows I guess, and extremely inquisitive. They'll walk/run away from you rather than flying. Some of the local flock will take food from your hand because our neighbour feeds them. He's retired, so the local birds are one of his hobbies.