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Monday, November 23, 2009

A Tiny Thing

Teeny Tiny Egg
Teeny Tiny Egg

This is the tiniest egg I have ever seen. I can lay it sideways in the egg carton and it still sits on the bottom. I am looking forward to cracking it open and seeing if it has a yolk or not.

I admit that we just came out of a fortnight worth of hot weather and the girls didn't eat as much as usual. Elsie laid this little egg and she also has the excuse of being approximately a month younger than the other girls.

Now that it is cool again I hope we'll get a bit bigger eggs again. There isn't as much green about the yard either so we've bought them some sunflower, oats and linseed to suppliment their diet. What spoilt chickens!


Jennifer said...

Its so cute...
We've gotten acouple of those through the months, I think only 1 didnt have a yolk in it.

Ainead said...

It's so tiny! Perhaps you could make a mini bento omlette with it! ;)

Metanoia said...

Every tiny egg so far has had a yolk! Even the very very little one. No mini omlette, but it tasted good anyway.