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Friday, October 16, 2009

Back in the Garden

Being Chickens
Spreading the Dirt

Who needs shovel and rake with these girls around. We dumped a wheelbarrow load of dirt from the front yard under the orange tree to try and fill the holes the chickens have dug. They headed straight for it and within minutes they had it spread out nice and flat. Chicken heaven!

The seasons are changing and we have been doing a lot of gardening. I've been in the front garden digging a hole for a fish pond and the chickens have had many chances to cash in on this work. Every time we find bugs hidden under something a chicken is brought to the font yard to dispose of them. White one (Doris) now runs for the gate every time we walk into the backyard incase she is needed.

Pea Flower
Pea Flowers - August 30, 2009

Mark has been in the vegetable patch, but most of his "work" has been eating the peas. In between this important task he has also prepared one of the beds for planting the spring crop. This area is off limits for the chickens even though That Green One keeps finding ways to get inside. The chickens aren't a big fan of the pea plants, but they adore brocolli, and we have been pulling up a plant for them any time we haven't been able to let them out in the yard because they do love their greens.


Julie Harward said...

They are so cute and smart. Mine love to be let out too, but there's one that won't return to the coop, she hides and I worry that somethings going to get her! They can be so worrisome!

Anonymous said...

I've been catching up on your blog. I've now got 3 girls of my own and put pics of them and my garden up on my blog. Your garden is looking good. I'm netting off my back one mainly to stop the dog running through it but also to try and encourage the girls to stay out of it too. Its too new for a jackie and a pile of chooks running through it.

Metanoia said...

Julie: Thankfully I don't have that problem. Mine all go to bed when it gets dark and I just close their gate.

Katherine: Your chooks look so happy! What a great run you have. They're beautiful little hens. Stop by often and keep me updated!