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Friday, July 31, 2009

Garden Trial

Attitude chicken (the red one)
Seeking a way into the vegetables

After clipping the hens wings we decided it would be best to give them a week to unlearn their flying behaviour. After 3 or 4 days they stopped trying to get up onto the coop and were content with their ground dwelling life.

Today we had a little time and decided that we would let the girls explore the big wide world under strict supervision. When the gates were open, noone knew what to do. Elsie and Green One were the first to venture out. White One was so shocked she had to go back to the coop several times until she was confident enough in her new surroundings.

Mark spent some time in the vegetable garden and I was not very surprised when Elsie discovered the space behind the pen lead into it... and was closely followed by Green One. We have some clever and cheeky chickens!

After about 45 minutes we deemed the outing a success and I decided the next test was to see who would come back to the pen. I got a small container of wheat and calling "chook chook chook" walked slowly into the pen. Happily 5 chickens ran to follow! Elsie was not interested, but she was easily scooped up in my arms and carried home to her coop.

Now that we can be confident they are not flying and will come when called it might be time to let them spend longer in the backyard when we are home!

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