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Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Girls Arrive

Exploring our new home

Our beautiful girls were brought home today. The fodder store had them ready in a crate when I arrived at 9am and I let them straight out into their new home. With a little bit of hesitation they came out and started exploring their pen.

We ordered 6 young pullets from the fodder store with the intention of taking 2 or 3 to my Mothers farm (an hour drive) as she wants some new blood in her breading stock. When they were all released however we realised that the space we had is probably big enough to house 6 chickens comfortably and quickly became attached to the idea of keeping them. Sorry Mum!

The first thing to go was the grass around the edge of the pen, so we started bringing them handfulls to eat and scratch through. Surprisingly they don't know much about finding food as scattering grain is met with looks of discust and confusion. I think they're used to eating out of a bowl.

Two have names, and the rest are still wanting. Elsie and Harriet are easy to tell apart from the others, and Elsie is a sweet little light brown hen who is not too overwhelmed by being picked up and handled. They are all relatively placid around us, but not used to being handled.

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